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    Any of numerous evergreen or deciduous trees and shrubs of the genus Magnolia of the Western Hemisphere and Asia, having aromatic twigs and large showy white (Mognolia denudata), purple (Magnoria liliflora), red or yellow (M.FeiHuang) flowers.

    Magnolia liliflora Desr is a kind of defoliate frutex high up to 3 meters, growing in clusters, with papery leaves, lightly-fragrant flowers and bottle-shaped bud. The flowers are in straight state and bloom together with the shooting-up of leaves at the same time. A single flower blooms on top of each single branch. Its exterior perianth is purple green and the interior is in purple or dark red color. The interior corolla has some white color. Its florescence is between March and April, and fruits ripe between August and September.

    Magnolia delavayi is an evergreen small arbor with height up to 12 meters, leaves thick and leathery and with flowers big, fragrant and arranged in circle. Its interior perianth is ivory white and the exterior is in light green color. Its florescence is between April and June, and fruits ripe between September and October.


Magnoria delavayi Magnoria-red Magnoria liliflora Magnoria-white
Mognolia denudata Magnoria-yellow M.fragrant Cloud M.FeiHuang




    Magnolia denudata is a kind of defoliate arbors high up to 25 meters, with papery leaves, fragrant flowers and egg-shaped bud. The flowers are white and bloom before the shooting-up of leaves. Its florescence is between February and March, and fruits ripe between August and September. With flowers blooming all over the trees and fragrance spreading everywhere in early spring, this kind of magnolia becomes well-know both in China and the world as an excellent courtyard species for people to view and admire.

    Magnolias reward the gardener with year on year increasing beauty. They are very easy to grow in any soil which is not very alkaline.
    The most important rule is to remember that they will not tolerate deep planting or prolonged periods of water logging. If in doubt plant shallow, or mound plant, incorporating reasonable amounts of organic matter and a little slow release fertilizer. Mulch in spring, but avoid the mulch building up to such an extent that the tree becomes deep planted.
    The roots of magnolias are fleshy and brittle, and if broken can rot back to the bole, so treat the roots with great care when planting, and do not stamp down too hard on the newly planted tree! Stakes should be driven in at an angle, and never be forced through the root ball.

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