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    We are located in Anji - home of Chinese bamboo, it is abundant in natural resources, close to Yixing - "Chinese Capital of Pottery", near Shanghai and Suzhou - "birthplace of Chinese bonsai". The climate here is delightful,  and has a convenient transportation. 
    Yunfeng-Gardens is a Sino-Japanese joint venture enterprise established in 1980, specializing in the handling of potted bamboo plants, Bamboo products, Bonsai pots, Gardening tools and other nursery products.
    Yunfeng-Gardens covers a total area of 50 hectares, with 20 hectares for bamboo production, and 20 hectares for woody plants. Yunfeng-Gardens is the largest potted bamboo production area in China, up to now, more than 120 bamboo species have been collected. Yunfeng-Gardens have exported the bamboo plants abroad for almost 20 years, and  the survival rate of potted bamboo plants is nearly 100%.
    All of the bamboo plants can possess good health within temperature -20oC to 35oC (or -4oF to 95oF) in the open air.

Some main species of our potted bamboo plants are:
             P. vivax aureocaulis
             P. vivax McClure (green) 
             P. vivax huanvenzhn
             P. bambusoides lacrima-deae 
             P. nigra
             P. aureosulcata aureocaulis
             P. aureosulcata spectabilis

Bamboo Plant
Bonsai pot
Bamboo ware
Bonsai tool
YunFeng Gardens
P.nigra 3liters 30-50cm  P.nigra 5liters 80-120cm P. nigra potting with compost
3liters container loading 3liters container loading 5liters container loading 5liters P.nigra root
3liters nigra root 3yr. P.heterocycla pubescence P.aurea P.bambusoides lacrima-deae
Shibataea kumasasa potted bamboo plants P.vivax aureocaulis p.aureosulcata aureocaulis
P.aureosulcata spectabilis P.praeloxy virielisulcata P.inversa P.bicolor

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P.aureosulcata spectabilis potted P.amabilis P.heterocycla Mitford Yunfeng-gardens
Bamboo Nursery

    Bonsai pots and Woody plants are our another main products of high reputation both in Japan and Europe. We sell a wide variety of pots produced by 5 famous factories where located in the well-known Yixing - "capital of pottery". 
    Woody Plants: We provide our customers with landscaping and gardening service. We supply and export outdoor ornamental nursery plants(trees and bushes) in China, such as: malus micromalus,lagerstroemia indica,acer palmatum, magnolia denudata,magnolia liliflora,Trachycarpus fortunei, osmanthus fragrance,podorcarpus,cercis chinensis,peach tree,wistaria,prunus blireana,ginkgo biloba,ficus religiosa... Also we supply big tree, rare species,through over 30 years experience, we have successfully gone through sanitary smoothly and export to Europe. We can also plant and trim as per customer's requirements.
    Safety:  We are well experienced in safe packing and shipping of our potted bamboo plants, woody trees, pots, and other gardening products.  best replica rolex watches
    Our products sell well  in UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan and so on. 
    If you have any comments or suggestions in respect of placing orders with us, please contact us, and any comments on the quality of our products will deal with carefully. Replica Panerai Luminor Sealand For Chinese Year of the Horse
    We would be very grateful if you would inform us the intentions and purposes of your imminent sales. We  wish to promote our business, and wish to establish business relations with you in the spirit of friendship, equality and mutual benefit. We sincerely hope that our products will help you to create a pleasant environment you are looking for. Buy Breitling Replica Watches


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